Water Bill


Water has become a very expensive commodity and it helps to monitor your consumption on a regular basis. Even though every domestic household is entitled to 6 kilolitres of water free a month, water is billed on a sliding scale meaning that the more you use the more you are going to pay.

Check List:

  • Check that there are no leaks at your water meter.  (If last red digit on your water meter is turning very slowly it usually indicates a leak, if it is turning very fast it usually indicates that water is been consumed).
  • Check that all water taps are not leaking and are they closed properly.
  • Check that all toilet cisterns are in working order.
  • Check that your geyser overflow is in working order.
  • Check that you sprinkler system is set to go off just before dark or very early in the morning, during summer months. Sprinkler systems can be set at less regular intervals during winter months. (Water evaporates much quicker when the temperatures are high that serving no real benefit)
  • If after all water taps, toilet cisterns and geyser overflows are checked and found to be in good working order and the last red digit on your water meter is still moving very slowly there is a possibility that there is an underground leak and a plumber should be consulted.

The cost of having repairs done far exceeds the saving derived from have a lower water account.

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