Company Profile

Mission Statement / Goals
Maximum Output builds long-term value for its shareholders and creates growth and economic opportunities for its employees and alliance partners by providing customers with flow management solutions that encourage conservation, manage valuable resources, and maximize customer revenues and serve our customers as if they had a choice.

Vision Statement
Maximum Output will become the leading supplier of meter reading in South Africa, while continuing to maintain its strong position in selected industrial flow markets, both domestically and internationally.

Guiding Principles
Maximum Output has and will always operate under three basic, worldwide guiding principles: Ethical conduct, respect for all people, and managing for the long-term.

Core Philososphies
Everything goes through cycles, everything goes through seasons. We surround ourselves with people who are passionate about what they do. We don’t hire people with degrees; we hire people with the right attitude and passion. We listen and treat our people well, they are our No.1 priority.

The proven way to make real energy savings! Maximum Output has the expertise and software for collecting, analyzing and reporting on hourly data from utility meters, data loggers and building management systems. We give you a detailed analysis of all your energy usage – by building, department and tenant, and by product, cost centre and shift.

For electricity meter designers who require a better solution to the growing demand for feature-rich, highly reliable LCD energy meters, Maximum Output provides an accurate, low-power and intelligently integrated solution for single-phase energy meters. We look to Analog Devices’ for leadership based on its legacy of designing metering solutions that have excellent accuracy and reliability.

Enabling Advanced Meter-reading, Billing, and Load Shedding Services Maximum Output combines Analog Devices’ proven energy measurement core with a microprocessor, on-chip flash memory, LCD driver, real-time clock (RTC) and intelligent battery management circuitry. The result is a high-quality, cost-effective solution that is less susceptible to system failures and enables advanced services like remote meter-reading, time-of-use billing, which requires power companies to measure energy consumption according to hourly use, and load shedding, which is the act of cutting off the electric current on certain lines when demand outstrips supply.

Analog Devices’ leadership position gives it a unique perspective on the needs of our energy metering customers – both in terms of the technology that gets them to market faster and at lower cost, as well as the next-generation features that keep them competitive.

The effective way we drive down utility bills is by utilizing our powerful information system for Utility Bill Management and Monitoring and Targeting. It gives you complete control over your utility expenditure as well as provides you with a comprehensive financial, energy and environmental reporting system.

Services Attributes;

  • We provide a service that is reliable, efficient and cost effective.
  • Maintain an excellent standard of service.
  • Satisfy owners/agents requirements and needs by ensuring that all monies are accounted for.
  • 100% Customer Service Excellence guaranteed.
  • We take Ownership and Accountability for what we do.

Service Deliverables;

  • Monthly reading of any type of meter e.g. electrical, water, gas, digital and maximum demand;
  • Generating Accounts
  • Owner/Agents Advice Slips (can be sent via email, disk, hardcopy or in any format)
  • Tenant Advice Slips;
  • Detailed breakdown of what is paid out to the local authority and
  • Recoveries from the tenants
  • List of any faulty meters, stopped meters or meters that were tampered with.
  • Resolving tenant queries as well as educating tenants as to how savings can be applied in order to reduce their accounts.
  • Replace stopped or defective meters (SABS approved),
  • Resolving any Municipal account queries (incorrect readings, high accounts, interim readings, incorrect tariff charges, etc)

Fee Structure
Our fees can be included in each tenant’s account. Thus each tenant will be responsible for the fee incurred for our services and will not be payable by the owner/agent. Common areas used by all the tenants i.e.: electricity consumed by the boiler, electrical gates, fences, outside lights and lifts. This can be billed as a percentage to each tenant.

Maximum Output’s asset management and operations expertise continues to be applied on the global stage in support of the SA economy’s growth plans.

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